“All around us are many worlds; those that we can see are the most common, but there are those that surprise us, those that avoid all but the most methodical of inspection. They spin about their center in a never-ending cycle, set to a song that began long before we learned to hear it, and that will end long after we have stopped listening.”

– from 12 Musings on the Nature of the Wheel

With music, we learn to tell ourselves the stories that shape who we see ourselves to be, who we remember we were, and who we hope to become – I try to hear new stories.

Based in Morgantown, WV, Ian is a performer, composer, educator, and storyteller with an ear for new stories hidden in worlds of endless sonic possibilities, and the commitment to listen. Classically trained as a composer and percussionist, Ian is pursuing a DMA in percussion performance at West Virginia University and has a keen interest in the intersection between percussion and live electronics.