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Touching Light


Exciting times! Lots of things going on at WVU, both related to my dissertation, and otherwise. With midterms having just concluded, we enter the final stages of planning for our virtual percussion ensemble concert, student juries, and subsequently my final recital… luckily, I seem to have some apps that work! The past month has been … Continue reading renders


With the spring semester at WVU in full force, finding the right balance between writing chapters for the dissertation, working on the Touching Light application, and teaching a coaching various lessons and ensembles has been tenuous, but so far, the project is still on track! With the first two ‘movements’ in a stable place and … Continue reading gravity


Successfully deployed a stable build of Mixer Test 01 to the HoloLens 2 with good success; everything seemed to run smoothly, and the audio with in sync with itself and adjustable using the programmed faders. The console itself is a bit awkward to move about as I didn’t include a way to view the bounding … Continue reading radials

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