voyager_3 is a collaborative project designed by members of the inaugural Creative Space Ensemble at West Virginia University. Drawing inspiration from ‘The Golden Record’ that NASA included on the Voyager 1 and 2 missions in 1977, voyager_3 is a through-play EP featuring samples of the archival sounds included on the original record paired with original compositions.

Follow our progress in real-time! We collaborate using Google Docs

Ian Riley

Live electronics
DMA Percussion Performance

Ian is a percussionist, educator, and storyteller from upstate NY exploring the intersections between percussion performance and live electronics.

Anthony Panobianco

Composition, alto saxophone
MM Music Education

Anthony is an educator, composer, and conductor from Southeast OH whose works have been described as “comfortably uncomfortable.”

Sammy Holloman

DMA Flute Performance

Sammy Holloman is a first year DMA student at West Virginia University pursuing a degree in flute performance.

Jaiden Courier

Composition, piano
BM Composition

Jaiden is a first semester composition student at WVU.